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For the leader and those you are leading
Intelligent, reflective leaders continue to learn. Take the step to develop and improve your practice
through detailed and challenging courses that will continue your excellence in business.
Leaders consider the future and the potential of those they lead. Consider who will be the next
leader in your business and encourage them to learn with an LSBE course.

Worldwide Recognition
Our courses have relevance across the globe. Regulated by the Ofqual, a UK governing body,
standards are guaranteed and recognised by leaders across the world. With our qualifications, you
can offer evidence of your competency and seek the next step in your career. You will demonstrate
your competence in the most crucial skills needed for business executives.

London is one of the most diverse and cosmopolitan cities in the world with an array of iconic landmarks and world class museums - a well known fascinating study destination for a range of subjects. The city’s heritage means there’s nearly always something to learn around every corner, particularly if your focus is in business, IT, Hospitality, Health and Social Care, literature, theatre, history, architecture or general sightseeing.

London offers a valuable new perspective outside of the classroom and a chance to experience the sights, sounds, hustle and bustle of a major global city. When it comes to the educational side of things, London offers a wide and diverse range of educational visits that will enlighten and expand the imagination of the students across all age groups.

This 1 week educational tour provides an opportunity for students to visit some of the UK universities offering final year top-up degrees. Where possible, we arrange a guided tour of the university and talks by professors on popular course choices. We will also provide students the choice of visiting Cambridge or Oxford University. We further offer the chance to explore London shopping experience, museums, and sightseeing.

What will be included in the tour?

  • Airport Pickup/Drop
  • All transportation within London or to Cambridge or Oxford university Breakfast and dinner each day (students are responsible for purchasing their own lunch)
  • Most lunches are in the visiting university dining halls/food courts All accommodations in 3+ hotels (2-3 per room) or university residence halls
  • All museums entrance or activity fees
  • All tour fees and seminars
Finding time to advance your learning, when working in business, is difficult. Yet, the role of lifelong learning and continual personal development and growth in your future success is crucial. A solution to time pressures is the flexibility of online learning. You can learn the fundamental principles of your area of business at your own pace, within your home or work environment, but with the support of our expert tutors. 

The benefits of learning online include:

Flexibility: The opportunity to learn when you want and where you want, without being tied to a schedule that might not fit in with work or family.

Self-paced:  You can skip ahead or slow it down. Whether you understand a concept early and move on or need more time to digest an idea - the choice and control are yours.

Cost Effective: With no travel and accommodation costs incurred, the overall cost of taking on an online course is much lower.

Work and Learn: You do not have to stop working to move your career forward. Online learning offers the chance to work and learn and to impress your current employers with your desire for personal and professional growth.

Our online courses are perfect for those planning a future as a business executive or someone with the dream of starting up, becoming their own boss. Online courses are also an excellent option for large organisations wishing to offer development opportunities to valued staff members. If you are interested in advancing your career or developing the skills of your workforce, contact us today to learn how we can help.
Delivering the skills you need 
Our programmes can help you take your career to the next level. The recognised  UK qualifications can offer enhanced job opportunities, incredible career progression, the chance to improve your salary and develop personal and professional skills. We have worked closely with leading organisations as well as past students to help ensure we deliver programmes that offer the very best outcomes when it comes to personal growth and ongoing career progression. With courses available online and in the classroom environment, we have strived to make it as easy as possible to strike the perfect balance between your current lifestyle, work or family commitments and learning journey.

We have a range of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, designed specifically for working professionals, delivering skills and knowledge that you can put to practice in any working environment. As a result, you'll be able to improve working practices in your current role and have a recognised British qualification to add to your CV and discuss any future job roles you apply for.

Enhance Employee Capability

Companies are now realising that upskilling employees' abilities enables better workforce planning and equips employees with the skills they need to meet performance expectations. Employers that provide their employees with skills training can assign job duties and responsibilities more appropriately knowing that employees actually have the skills necessary to do the work. Within the context of employee development, improving skills and abilities also prepares employees for internal promotion or career advancement.
LSBE has signed strategic partnerships with well-known executive education providers in the UK to offer accredited and recognised professional certifications and training to individuals and all sizes of businesses.

Paying for a course provided by LSBE really couldn't be easier, as we enable you to spread the cost evenly through a payment plan that works for you.

Why Select a Flexible Payment Plan?
Through our flexible payment plans, you can enjoy:

  • 0% interest free monthly payments
  • No prior credit check required
  • Ability to spread the cost monthly for the duration of your studies

Steps to Getting Started

In just a  3 step process, you can sign up and be ready to begin a course that could change your career forever.
Step 1
Choose from one of the many courses we offer designed to help progress and develop, no matter which stage of your career you are at.
Step 2
Choose the payment plan option which works best for you. You can log into your PayPal account to set up regular monthly payments or do so with your bank account, credit or debit card; the choice is yours.
Step 3
Make your initial payment which allows us to process your course enrolment and get you signed up for the course. Once your payment has been received, we will send your login details and any additional documentation so you can start your academic journey.