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Explore everything in detail on our website about executive education, Full Degree, Top-Up Degree, Training programmes, and Short Courses. Choose the best educational option for yourself according to your career goals and the budget.
Things to remember

Admission to programmes depends on whether you are a full-time student or study at home aspirant. So, carefully read and know the facts about your desired programme. Next, you can submit your application that will be subject to all admission policies. You must be at least 18 or older in order to enrol in any programme mentioned on this website. Seats on Full-time programmes are always limited. That’s why you have to apply as early as possible. Plus, you must check programme facts, intake dates, and funding deadlines before applying for admission.
Fill out your application form

You have two choices:

  • Apply online on our website
  • Ask for a printed application form through the mail

Our student advisors will completely assist you in completing your application. We’ll guide you completely for both methods of application processes.
Things to remember

  • If you are applying online, then you must scan all admission documents in the highest quality. Any negligence will pave the way for rejection.
  • If you are applying through a printed application, then you must attach all the required admission documents in the highest quality printing. There must not be any misprinting or blurred photocopy.
Get the final say on your application

When we will receive your application along with all the required documents, we will submit it to the Academic Board. Our Academic Board consists of high-level experts and they assess applications once a week while considering everything according to standards. After complete consideration, you’ll get two decisions from our Academic Board.

  • An unconditional offer: We will give you a letter of acceptance and you’ll get admission to your chosen programme. It means that you have met all the admission requirements successfully
  • A conditional offer: We will give you a conditional letter and you’ll get admission if you fulfil the required condition. It means that you have to go through another path before commencing your desired course.
  • If you receive no offers from us, then it means the Academic Board has determined that you are not eligible for the course that you have applied for. It does not mean that you cannot pursue other short and certificate programmes on our portal.
  • We will tell you all the reasons why you did not get the offer. For more details and inquiries, please mail at

Welcome Message

Welcome Message

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Our Vision

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Our Mission

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