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Q1. Who we are? 

LSBE is an acronym for the London School of Business & Entrepreneurship. A registered and accredited education provider, based in London. We are dedicated to providing a wide range of Undergraduate and Postgraduate courses at an affordable cost. On completion students will achieve recognised academic credits to “top up” at UK or European Universities, thereby, saving time and money.

Q2. Where we are in London? 

Our office is located in Chiswick Business Park, the most prestigious location in West London. 

Q3. How online/blended studies is better? 

Studying online or through blended learning means that you can fit studying around your work and personal life with affordable tuition fees. In this learning model, you can study from anywhere in the world without taking any pressure of traveling to attend an on-campus lesson. Studying online does mean that you have to motivate yourself to study and manage your own time.

Q4. How will I be taught? 

Our courses are delivered through a Learning Management System (LMS) and are designed specifically for an online audience.  We use a range of activities including live online classrooms, access to online study material, pre-recoded videos, online quizzes, innovative online assessment and discussion forms.

Q5. Is your tuition fees increase every year? 
Due to the inflation rate the course tuition fees are subject to change every year. Fees are published separately for each year and are payable by all students studying at the time unless they have paid full fees prior to the publication of the new fees. Paying a deposit does NOT prevent any fee increase from being applied.

Q6. Do I have to pay for my awarding organisation registration separately? 
All tuition fees included the registration amounts payable to professional bodies or awarding organisations (if and where applicable) for student registration, exemptions and examination entries. 

Q7. Can I change or differ my selected programme? 
The student agrees that he/she cannot change, defer or withdraw from the programme without prior consent from the admissions office. Where a student has failed to comply with this clause, they will not be eligible for a refund.
Q1. How does online learning work?
London Schoo of Business & Entrepreneurship (LSBE) offers a blended learning model that is both online and classroom-based. Online learning involves a combination of tutor discussions, research, self-study, online activities and critical thinking and reflection. LSBE combines the most recent technology, Ofqual approved quality curriculum and innovative teaching methods to provide an outstanding learning experience and knowledge to our students. Module tutors will hold virtual classrooms and seminars for live discussion and open debate, and these will be recorded for you to revisit at a later date. Through your student portal, you can access your virtual learning environment including course resources and study materials, as well as your student email account, grades and more. 

Q2. How is my online course assessed?
All courses will be accessed through research based assignments via a Learning Management System (LMS).

Q3. Are all of your tutors suitably qualified?

All of our instructors have studied to a high level in their area of expertise, and many also hold higher education teaching qualifications. Several have previously taught at UK universities, and some still teach at other institutions in addition to their duties as academics on our courses.  

Q4. What are the software or computer requirements?
As long as you have internet access any computer or tablet can be used to complete the online modules and courses. You can also study on your phone with our mobile friendly content. We are aware that within some parts of the world the IT resources or infrastructure will not allow access to certain types or sources of media. We make every effort to ensure all our programmes and their content are accessible to our students around the globe so no student is in a disadvantaged situation. If you are unsure whether this may affect you then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our admissions team.

Q5. How long will I have to complete my online course? 
The maximum registration period for our online courses is the standard course length plus 1 year, so you must complete your studies within this time. If you are still unsure, please email us at

Q6. Is an online learning worth the same as on-campus learning? 
Yes. Our online courses are just as high quality as our on-campus courses. They go through the same quality standard process recommended by Ofqual. 

Q1. Is there a fee to apply?
Yes,  we charge an application assessment fee of £50 which will be included in the tuition fees, once you accept the course offer.

Q2. How long does it typically take to apply?
If you have all the documentation you need to upload to the application, it should take no more than an hour to complete.

Q3. How quickly I can receive a decision about my application?
Once you’ve submitted your application, you will immediately receive an email acknowledgment, confirming that we have received it. You will typically receive a decision in approximately 3-5 working days. The decision process may take longer if we request further information from you or verifying your provided references. If you don’t hear from us in 5 days, contact us at or WhatsApp us on +44 (0) 7448 674457.

Q4. What documents do I need to submit when I apply?
Before you begin your application make sure you have:

Personal Identification - A scanned copy of your passport or other official photographic ID, e.g. photo driving licence.
This will help us to verify your official identification. If you do not have any photo ID, we will accept a scanned copy of your birth certificate (English Translation).

Qualification - Your qualification details including grades and dates taken. You will have the opportunity to upload scanned copies of your qualification certificates/transcripts in the application.  If these were not issued in English, you will need to provide certified translated copies as part of your application. If you have no formal qualifications, you can also state this in your application to us.

Personal Statement - A personal statement showing your interest in the course/subject. This is a mandatory requirement and you will be able to upload it into your application. You may want to include your reasons for applying for the course, your experience in the field, how you feel you would benefit from this programme and relevant information about your previous studies.  You could also tell us about your non-academic experiences relevant to your selected programme such as interests, hobbies, participation in any voluntary work, clubs or societies.

Work Experience - We need this if you wish to gain entry to the course based on your work experience, or if this is part of the entry requirements for your selected programme. This could be in the form of a CV that you can upload into your application and/or in the form of employer references.

References -  You may need to supply an employer reference if the course that you are applying for requires to have relevant work experience. The reference should be written on company headed paper, signed and dated from either a manager, supervisor, tutor or teacher within the last four months.

Q5. Can I still make an application without all of the required documents?

Yes, you can still apply even if you haven't yet received your final transcripts. In this case, you will receive a Conditional Offer which will state what qualifications and grades you will need to achieve in order to meet our course entry requirements. Once you have received evidence of obtaining your qualifications you can upload them after which you will receive an Unconditional Offer.

Q6. What if I can apply for exemptions or transfer my credits?  

Yes,  you can apply for exemptions from modules based on the course you've completed at other institutions or relevant work experience that you have in the relevant field. This method is known as Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL). Some of the courses have automatic exemptions based on specific qualifications, for example: A two years bachelor's degree achieved can be equivalent to UK higher nation diploma or Diploma Level 4 & 5. If you wish to apply for exemption or RPL, you will need to indicate this in your application. 

Q1. What is enrolment?
Enrolment is a compulsory registration process that will officially recognise you as our online student at LSBE. You are required to enrol at the beginning of an academic year in order to sign up to the Terms and Conditions and add modules in each trimester. 

Q2. How do I enrol with LSBE? 
Once you decided the start date of your programme; you will receive an email from our Admissions Office to confirm your enrolment in that year and trimester. You will also receive a PDF enrolment letter in the attachment for your own records. 

Q3. How many modules should I take per trimester?
We offer two different study tracks to complete your selected programme;
Standard Track - This is a low pace study pathway and you will study 2-3 modules per trimester 
Accelerated Track - This is a fast track study mode that means you study 3-4 modules per trimester. We recommend that a 20 credit module is approximately 20 hours study time a week. Therefore, you must think carefully about your family commitments or work when deciding how quickly you think you can study. It is important that you plan your time carefully in order to keep up with the teaching and work submission schedules.

Q4. How can I pay for my tuition fees? 
LSBE has a Bank account that will accept payment directly. You can also pay by credit /debit card via a link on your Invoice or directly online.

Q5. How can I get my course Unconditional Acceptance letter? 
To be given an Unconditional Acceptance and/or book a place on a course, students must pay either

(1) The full tuition fee; or
(2) A minimum deposit of 40% of the total course fees (unless indicated otherwise on the application form, payment page or invoice in which case the terms of those pages or documents shall prevail). All deposits received are for the sole purpose of reserving a place on the course and are NON-REFUNDABLE except in cases of complete withdrawal from the programme of which the Registration and Programme of Study Terms and Conditions will apply.
This means that if a student changes their mind after enrolling on a course, the registration fee and (in some cases) part of the deposit payment CANNOT be refunded.

Q5. Is there a deadline to pay my tuition fees? 
All tuition fees must be paid either in instalments or in full (depending on the Courses/Programme) by the payment deadline and before the commencement date of the Course. The commencement date of the Course is the published date as provided on the Unconditional Acceptance confirming successful enrolment to the LSBE Course/Programme. Students who have not paid on time may lose their place on the course and may not be granted access to the learning platform.

Q6. Do you offer any instalment payment plan? 
Yes, we offer a flexible monthly payment plan with no extra cost. LSBE expects all students to adhere to the terms and conditions of their payment plan, which includes submitting payment on the date it becomes due. A failure to comply with the terms and conditions of your payment plan renders any payment plan ineffective. As a result, we may bring the payment plan to an end and reserves the right to recover all outstanding fees.

Q1.  Will I be able to gain undergraduate or postgraduate degree through LSBE? 
The LSBE programmes are mapped against UK higher education qualifications which are fully transferable to a range of other higher education routes and professional qualifications. On completion of the delivered level 4, 5 and 7 Programmes students will be awarded required Credits so that they can top-up to either a Bachelors's or Master’s Degree from a UK university.

Q2.  How are UK universities linked to level 4, 5, 6 and 7 diplomas? 
Learners who achieve an LSBE delivered Level 4, 5 and 7 qualifications are automatically mapped against a standard UK Higher Education qualification framework. This is a universally recognised framework of credits. UK universities can, therefore, award credits against these diplomas to give exemptions from large parts of their formal programmes. Associated awarding organisations have pre-agreed arrangements with certain universities to provide credits against programmes either online or on-campus studies. This is termed as ‘University Top-up’ degree.

Q1. Can I attend a graduation ceremony after completing an online UK university top-up degree?
Any student who completes an online final year Level 6 Bachelors degree or Masters top-up degree will be invited to attend a graduation ceremony at the university.

Q2. Will my university degree certificate state that I studied online?

The final year degree will be delivered and awarded by the UK university. The degree certificate will state your name, date and name of the course that you studied, for example 'BSc (Hons) Business and Management. There is no reference to the mode of study on your certificate.

It is perfectly normal to have a lot of questions about future prospects.  Our friendly admissions team are ready to answer any questions you might have about programmes, scholarships or financial support. 

Therefore, if you think that we still haven't answered your question then please do not hesitate to contact us via phone, email, WhatsApp or Facebook. You can book a free video consultation session to discuss your career goals.