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Legal Notice

The following statements and explanations complete the set of Terms & Conditions for the use of the LSBE website.

Every service mentioned in this website is legal within territories of the UK and many other countries of the world. LSBE educational group does not offer:

    • Sale of services
    • Use of services
    • Services

Those are illegal according to the laws of the UK and many other countries of the world.

For visitors using this website from outside of the UK borders must verify the legality according to the laws of their country. You must ensure that you are not violating any laws or regulations of your country by visiting this website.

You are solely responsible for your acts and you will face the consequences of your actions according to the laws of your country. We do not encourage you to violate any law or regulation of your country.

What is our liability to you?

Everything we provide you on this website is aimed to give guidance and awareness in the best possible way, but it does not mean that we have every information in the most comprehensive or accurate form.  However, we followed the toughest business standard and made sure that everything touches the highest standard of accuracy possible in the business world.

Yet, it is possible that our information can fall behind updates, has errors, and may not be applicable to special circumstances.

In short, we do not have to face liability in case of omissions and errors. But we are 100% liable for fraudulent claims and representations.

You are solely responsible for every decision you make in the light of all pieces of information on this website. If you face any direct, indirect, consequential, special, and any other damages due to the use of this website, access to this website, and information of this website, we are not liable for it.

If you have queries or problems, you can mail us at info@lsbe.co.uk. We will help you as much as we can to resolve your issue in the minimum time possible.

We have not put any information on this website that compels, indicates, constitutes, invites, manipulates, or induces students to sign a contract. We will have one contract with you when you access or use this website. And that is the privacy statement of this website.

Now, we make everything clear with this statement: You agree that we have unlimited rights to the information that you provide us. We can use it any way we require. Plus, the status of your information is non-confidential.

Forward-Looking statements

When you read any statement on this website or document on this website, it is considered as a forward-looking statement. Thus, it means that every statement is a view of the LSBE educational group that subjects to errors and uncertainties. It is fairly possible that the final results will be not the same as expected in these statements. The reason behind it is that many factors affect the final outcome. For example, you must consider industry product supply, pricing, demand, political stability, economic growth, development & use of the new technology, actions of competitors, natural disasters, war, and acts of terrorism as changing factors of the final outcomes.

Ownership of the copyrights of the website

The LSBE owns all copyrights of this website and content on this website. We will fill copyrights infringements suits in the courts if we find anything of our website anywhere on the internet.

We only allow the fair use of the content on this website for every visitor. Thus, you have to follow all legal obligations regarding copyrights.

You can download the content of this website for printing. But it should be only for personal and private use. After finding any copyright infringement from you, we’ll take you to the court and put all penalties on you.

We do not allow framing of this website or linking any page of this website with any other web portal.

We only allow linking of the homepage on any website for recommendation purposes. Any incident of hyperlinking will compel us to press charges against the culprit.

You have to ask us permission to link our website for any commercial, personal, private, or educational purpose.

Use of any Hyperlink

We do not accept liability for the content of any website. Whether that website is linked on our website, or you find our website on the page of any website. Plus, we are not accountable for any linking of our website with any other website.

Many third-party websites are linked to our website. But we provide that hyperlinking in good faith and while considering that it’ll help our visitors to increase their awareness.

If you find any hyperlink on our website, then it does not mean that we have reviewed that website completely or we agree with the cause of that website.

It can happen that our linked websites may contain illegal or objectionable content. In that circumstances, we are not liable for that.

What laws govern this website?

The laws of England and Wales are applicable on this website. It means that your access, downloads, operations, and terms & conditions of this website fall under the authority of the courts of England and Wales.

All statements and terms in that a document that contradicts the laws of England and Wales must be considered invalid.

Welcome Message

Welcome Message

The choice of LSBE for your career is a very important one. It is our objective to create an institute
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Our Vision

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Our Mission

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