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Team Development
Course Code ED/TD
Duration 1-3 Days
Level Executive Education
Pedagogy Blended | On Campus | Online
Various elements of a team will affect how well everyone works together and what that team achieves. It could be influences from an individual or even a group of staff that are preventing the team from working effectively. External factors like the work environment and associated teams both inside and outside the company may have an impact, even the actual processes or work itself. These things should all be taken into account when analysing a team’s performance. A management style that works well for one team may not be right for another team.
  •  Team Development Cycle
  •  Meetings
  •  Coaching - the GROW model
  •  Feedback
  •  Communication
  •  Motivation
  •  Team Development Events
  • This course is for those who manage or are responsible for a team or group of individuals.
  •  Leadership, Motivation and Teamwork
  •  Appraisal Skills
  •  Handling Difficult People
  •  Performance Management
  • This course will enable participants to:

    • Analyse team performance as it stands and how you would like it to be
    •  Identify gaps in your team’s performance
    •  Select relevant solutions to your team’s development needs
    •  Prepare and deliver a team building exercise to resolve these needs
    •  Evaluate the effectiveness of the chosen solutions.

    Duration: 3 Days