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Presentation Skills
Course Code ED/PS
Duration 1-3 Days
Level Executive Education
Pedagogy Blended | Online
For many people the thought of making a stand up The presentation is at best daunting and at worst petrifying. However, the vast majority of people in business will, at some time, be required to make a presentation and so they will be required to face up to this challenge. This course is designed to give people the key skills required to deliver a clear effective and professional presentation, while gaining confidence in themselves and their ability to influence others. The day is broken down into an easy to follow, step-by-step sequence. Delegates will have the opportunity to develop and practice delivery in a supportive, helpful environment and hear constructive feedback.
  •  What are the key steps to perfect presenting?
  •  How to ensure your presentation ‘delivers’
  •  Planning the presentation
  •  Venue considerations
  •  Using notes
  •  Engaging the audience
  •  The use of effective visual aids
  •  Overcoming nerves
  •  Dealing with questions and hecklers
  •  Delivery of a video presentation with specific
  •  constructive feedback
  • This course is ideal for anyone who has to, or may have to, present to a group and wants to take advantage of a fantastic opportunity to put across views and influence others.

    This course will enable participants to:

    • Understand the vital areas for consideration when first planning a presentation
    •  Learn and use different techniques for gathering and organising the necessary presentation content
    •  Utilise the venue they will be presenting in to full effect
    •  Understand how different visual aids can be used and select the most appropriate for their presentation
    •  Deliver a presentation without the need for copious notes or a rigid script
    •  Hold audience interest through verbal and non-verbal Communication

    Duration: 2 Days