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CompTIA Server+
Course Code PC/COM/SER
Duration 1 week
Level Professional Certifications
Pedagogy Blended | Online
The CompTIA Server+ certification certified your ability to design, protect, and manage a wide range of server equipment. These abilities are in high demand in today's IT environments and will enable you to perform successfully in an ever-changing sector.
In order to ensure that your abilities are in line with industry standards, CompTIA Server+ makes use of the servers and storage systems that are most frequently used in the IT sector. This certification displays a strong knowledge basis, eliminating skill gaps and offering students with real-world experience. High availability, cloud computing, and scripting are among the key technologies in hardware and software covered by the certification for on-premise and hybrid server systems. The new test features performance-based questions that challenge candidates to demonstrate multi-step understanding of server deployment, administration, and troubleshooting. CompTIA Server+ now includes self-paced study, live online training, personalised training, and labs to help IT professionals progress their careers in server management.
  • System bus architectures
  • Adapter fault tolerance
  • Purpose and function of server types
  • Memory features and types
  • Processor features, architecture, and types
  • Storage Solutions
  • SCSI and FCIP technologies
  • Raid technologies
  • Server subsystems
  • Network storage systems
  • Different chassis types and components
  • Install, deploy, configure, and update NOS
  • Administer NOS management features
  • Server roles
  • Virtualisation concepts and features
  • Pre-installation planning
  • Hardware installation and support
  • Driver/hardware compatibility
  • BIOS/Firmware upgrades
  • Storage Technologies
  • RAID configuration
  • Install NOS/NOS and driver updates
  • Configure peripherals
  • Service tools
  • Baselining and documentation
  • Upgrading
  • Backups
  • Adding Processors
  • Adding disk drives
  • Memory capacity
  • Upgrade adapters and peripheral devices
  • System monitoring agents and service tools
  • UPS
  • Performance and baselining
  • Server Housekeeping
  • Server/Server room physical security
  • Documentation and procedures
  • erver access and location
  • Server room environmental issues
  • Problem determination
  • Diagnostic hardware, software, and utilities
  • Baseline, performance, and bottlenecks
  • Recovery plans
  • Backup hardware and media
  • Backup and restoration schemes
Career prospects
CompTIA Server+ is a worldwide IT certification that assures server installers, managers, and troubleshooters can work in any environment. IT professionals who wish to further their careers should read this. This certification serves as a springboard for jobs i.e.
  • Cloud computing and digitalisation
  • Information Technology management
  • Networking
  • Data storage, and other related fields.
According to Average salary, the typical income of CompTIA server+ professionals is roughly 62K euros per year or higher depending on experience. However, freelancing employment may be lucrative and advantageous to your professional advancement.
CompTIA A+ certification or comparable expertise is required with two years of practical job experience in a server setting
  • Make the CompTIA Certification course payment.
  • Begin your training preparation by properly reviewing the CompTIA training collaterals offered.
  • Attend the CompTIA course and ask questions throughout the event.
  • Mock sample exams might assist you in preparing for the CompTIA exam.
  • Apply for the CompTIA certification test online at Pearson Vue and pass it.
  • To further your career and become a worldwide professional, be a CompTIA Certified Professional.
Who can get the CompTIA Server+ Certification?
Network managers, computer programmers, help desk personnel, hardware technicians, and any IT professional seeking a thorough understanding of server software, disaster recovery, and troubleshooting often pursue CompTIA Server+ certification.
How much time is necessary to obtain CompTIA Server+ in IT?
Three months (or longer) is reasonable — and possibly even essential — for someone who is absolutely unfamiliar with networking technology.
What is the pattern of the examination?
  • Count of Questions 100 questions at most 90 questions
  • Question Types There are 2 options. Performance-based and multiple-choice
  • 90-minute test duration
  • 750 for passing (on a scale of 100-900)
What Should You Do After CompTIA Server+?
One of your first actions after passing the Server+ certification test should be to get straight to your resume and put the certification among your qualifications.
How can I get career advice that will help me secure a job?
We provide Career Counselling session. In addition to helping you create an effective CV, we also teach you how to prepare for an effective interview.
What are the jobs that can be done after CompTIA Server+?
  • Systems Administrator
  • Data Center Technician
  • Server Administrator
  • Network Administrator
  • Field Service Technician or Engineer
  • IT Technician
  • Data Centre Engineer