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CompTIA Data+
Course Code PC/COM/DATA+
Duration 1 week
Level Professional Certifications
Pedagogy Blended | Online
CompTIA Data+ is a credential for early-career data analytics for professionals responsible for fostering and supporting data-driven corporate decision-making.
Following this training, you will be capable of:
  • Data mining
  • Data manipulation Data visualisation and reporting
  • Using fundamental statistical procedures
  • Analysing complicated datasets while maintaining governance and quality criteria across the data life cycle
You will gain the knowledge and skills necessary to translate business needs into data-driven choices by mining and manipulating data, using fundamental statistical techniques, and analysing complicated datasets while upholding governance and quality standards throughout the full data life cycle. The course will enable you to make a statement with Data+, improving data analysis and interpretation, communication of insights, and demonstration.
What you'll discover with Data+ You will gain the knowledge and skills necessary to translate business needs into data-driven choices by mining and manipulating data, using fundamental statistical techniques, and analysing complicated datasets while upholding governance and standards of quality through the full data life cycle.
  • Recognise the fundamental ideas of data formats and dimensions.
  • Put several data kinds side by side and in comparison.
  • Examine and contrast prevalent file formats and data architectures.
  • Explain the concepts of data acquisition.
  • To determine the most typical reasons for cleaning and profiling datasets
  • Execute data manipulation procedures given a circumstance.
  • Describe the most widely used methods for modifying data and improving queries.
  • Apply the right descriptive statistical approaches to a given case.
  • Explain why inferential statistical approaches are used.
  • Summarise the various forms of analysis and the major analysis methodologies.
  • Determine the most frequent data analytics tools.
  • Translate business needs into a report based on a scenario.
  • Use suitable design elements for dashboards and reports in the given scenario.
  • Use proper dashboard development strategies given the circumstance.
  • Apply the proper type of visualisation to a given circumstance.
  • Compare and contrast different sorts of reports.
  • Summarise key data governance ideas.
  • Apply data quality control ideas to a given circumstance.
  • Explain the fundamentals of master data management (MDM).
The new early-career certification CompTIA Data+ is intended for professionals who are responsible for fostering and advancing data-driven corporate decision-making. Candidates that set themselves apart with CompTIA Data+ will be eligible for a range of data analytics positions.
Jobs in data analytics can be highly rewarding, especially for those interested in emerging technology. CompTIA Data+ provides you the assurance you need to put data analysis into action.
As the value of data analytics develops, additional job types are necessary to create context and effectively explain critical business insight. Data collection, analysis, and reporting can help to drive priorities and guide business decisions. CompTIA Data+ verifies certified professionals' ability to make data-driven business choices.
The average wage after Data+ certification is £93,750 per year. The salary can be more than that as per job roles.
The prerequisites for entry in CompTIA Data+ certification are as follows:
  • Work experience as a report/business analyst
  • Database and analytical tool experience
  • Basic statistical knowledge
  • Experience in data visualisation
The CompTIA advises having 18 to 24 months of work experience working as a report/business analyst, having access to databases and statistical models, having a basic grasp of statistics, and having expertise with data visualisation.
When does CompTIA Data+ certification expire?
CompTIA Data+ certification remains valid for three years from the date of examination.
What is exam pattern of CompTIA Data+ certification?
  • The number of questions is 90.
  • Question Types.
  • Performance-based and multiple-choice.
  • 90-minute test duration.
  • 675 for passing (on scale of 100–900).
What are the jobs that I can do after completing CompTIA Data+ certification?
Jobs that use CompTIA Data+
  • Data Analyst.
  • Clinical Analyst.
  • Reporting Analyst.
  • Marketing Analyst.
  • Business Data Analyst.
  • Operations Analyst.
  • Business Intelligence.
What is the CompTIA Data+ certification?
The CompTIA Data+ exam demonstrates knowledge and abilities necessary to alter business needs in support of data-driven choices, and it awards certification to successful applicants. Data mining and manipulation, simple statistical analysis, and complicated dataset analysis are all used to manage the administration while maintaining governance and quality requirements across the full data life cycle.
What is the passing score for the CompTIA Data+ exam?
Because there is no set percentage for a passing score, candidates will simply be notified of their standing as either passed or failed. If you pass the exam, CompTIA will mail you a congrats note. The provided score report tells which test parts you performed well on.