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BSc (Hons) Logistics and Supply Chain Management (Level 4 & 5 + Top-up Degree)
Duration 36 months
Level Bachelors Level
Pedagogy Blended | Online
In today’s global economy the success of a business is increasingly determined by the efficiency of its supply chain resources. Amazon is one of the prime examples of the fastest growing logistics and supply chain management business model. To compete in this fast moving global marketplace, business organisations are demanding a workforce that have both a broad understanding of business operations and specific knowledge of supply chain processes. In fact, supply chain management is an essential function within business operations where you will build expert knowledge in the planning and organisation of the sourcing, procurement, conversion and logistics of from manufacturers and suppliers, through to customers.
The course is divided into two stages, where at stage 1 the student will study a Level 4 & 5 Diploma in Logistics and Supply Chain Management and at stage 2 will study a  BSc (Hons) Logistics and Supply Chain Management final year top-up degree.
Course Code: LSBE/UND/LSCM/D-LSCM-04
Awarded by: OTHM
Credit Hours: 120
Accredited by: Ofqual (UK Government) Regulated Qualification
Duration: 06- 12 Months 
Mode of Study: Online/ Blended Learning
Course Assessment: Research based assignments


  • Purchasing and E-Procurement
  • Financial Accounting and Analysis
  • Introduction to Business Economics
  • Management and Organisational Behaviour
  • Introduction to Production and Operations Management
  • Introduction to Models and Frameworks for Operations Management
Course Code: LSBE/UND/LSCM/D-LSCM-05
Awarded by: OTHM
Credit Hours: 120 
Accredited by: Ofqual (UK Government) Regulated Qualification
Duration: 06- 12 Months 
Mode of Study: Online/ Blended Learning
Course Assessment: Research Based Assignments


  • Strategic Management
  • Business Communication
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Supply Chain Risk Assessment and Forecasting
  • Purchasing, Supplier Management and Negotiation
  • Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility
Awarded by: QUALIFI
Credit Hours: 120
Accredited by: Ofqual (UK Government) Regulated Qualification
Duration: 09-24 Months
Mode of Study: On Campus (Classroom-based Learning)
Course Assessment: Assignments / Exams / Presentations / Case Studies / Coursework / Lab Tests/ Group Work 


  • Solent University
  • Middlesex University London
  • Northumbria University
  • University of Bolton
Delivering products and services at the right time and place, right cost, and at the right quantity and quality is all about logistics and supply chain management. The importance and demand have grown significantly in the COVID-19 pandemic and thanks to the e-commerce industry who has delivered essentials to the consumers' doorsteps. The logistics and distribution/supply chain industry is creating all sorts of jobs for graduates in IT, Business Management and Cyber Security. The industry is relying on transformative technologies like big data, the Internet of Things, supply chain analytics and cloud computing to create new efficiencies and savings. Jobs within logistics and supply chains can include logistics and distribution managers, purchasing manager or warehouse manager. 

 Graduates can also pursue a career in: 

  • Freight transportation 
  • Supply chain design and planning 
  • Inventory management and control
  • Warehouse design and management 
  • Procurement and supply management 
  • Distribution network design and planning 

Each course has its own entry requirements. These depend on the level of the course, the type of course, your achieved qualifications and previous work experience. 

Applicant must possess the following for entry into Level 4 Diploma in Logistics and Supply Chain Management; 

  1. The applicant must be 18 years or older at the start of the course. 
  2. Must have completed 12 years of education. If completed 10 years of education then at least demonstrate a Level 3 qualification with minimum 'C' or 'Pass' grades in Mathematics and English. 
  3. Provide relevant Local Board of Examination results from the home country, which must include at least 'C' Grade in English and 4 other subjects. 
  4. Mock Examination Result can also be accepted for initial Conditional Admission, pending the release of the Board of Examination Result. (This will be assessed on a case by case basis.)

Applicant must possess the following for entry into Level 5 Diploma in Logistics and Supply Chain Management; 

  1. Must have achieved a recognised Level 4 qualification in the relevant discipline or Business Management or overseas qualification (equivalent) 
  2. Mature Learners  (21 years or older) with work experience in management or supervisory roles but having no formal qualification or Level 4 Diploma. (This will also be assessed on a case by case basis.) 

Applicants will also be required to complete the following: 
  1. Provide a CV and Personal Statement 
  2. Provide a copy of original qualification certificates and proof of ID, e.g. Passport 
  3. Applicants will also be invited to attend an online interview 

English Language Requirements 
If a learner is not from a majority English-speaking country then s/he must provide evidence of English language proficiency at a minimum of IELTS band 5.5. We also accept other standard English tests and qualifications, as long as they meet the minimum requirements of your course. If a learner doesn't meet the English language requirements then s/he can achieve the required level by successfully completing a pre-sessional English course before starting the main course. 

To complete the course, students should have access to: 
  1.  a laptop or Desktop PC with relevant online learning third-party Softwares, e.g. Zoom 
  2.  a webcam and headphones 
  3.  internet speeds with a minimum bandwidth of 600kbps (up/down), with a recommended speed of 1.5 Mbps (up/down)