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General English<br/> Beginners - Intermediate
Course Code LSBE/ENGL/GE
Duration 1 month
Level English Language
Pedagogy Blended | Online
Our English courses are suitable for all levels.We offer English courses from basic to advanced to help you improve and focus on what interests you.You can advance your career prospects and travel the world if you have excellent English skills.
Learn with the Best
All of our teachers are CELTA-qualified; many are Delta-qualified.The University of Cambridge assesses both teaching qualifications for excellence in English teaching. We have more than 80% of teachers who are also teacher trainers. A communicative approach is used in the General English programme to develop students' English language communication skills.While integrating grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation into real-life situations, students practice listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills
There are different stages in General English:
  • General English 25 Lesson
  • General English 20 Lesson
  • General English 15 Lesson
  • English for over 30’s
  • One-to-One English Lessons
  • London Experience with English