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CompTIA Network+
Course Code PC/COM/NET+
Duration 1 week
Level Professional Certifications
Pedagogy Blended | Online
CompTIA Network+ certification certifies the technical abilities required to safely construct, manage, and troubleshoot the critical networks on which organisations rely. The CompTIA Network+ equips candidates to maintain networks on any platform, in contrast to other vendor-specific networking certifications. Only the CompTIA Network+ certification addresses the unique competencies required of network professionals. The scope of other certificates prevents them from covering the specific knowledge and practical abilities required in today's networking environments. CompTIA Network+ offers flexible training choices such as self-paced study, live online training, bespoke training, and labs to help IT professionals grow their careers in network administration.
  • Definition of a Network
  • LANs, WANs, and the Internet
  • Functions of a Network
  • Overview of Network Components
  • Networking Models
  • Definitions
  • Network Adapter Cards
  • Configuring and Installing a Network Card
  • Diagnosing Network Card Failure
  • Network Cabling
  • Twisted Pair Cable
  • Other Cable Types
  • LAN Topologies
  • Installing Cabling
  • Crimping Cables
  • Testing Cables
  • Building a BUS Network and Testing Network Communications
  • Introduction to the OSI Model
  • Brief Outline of the Seven Layers - Name and Function
  • Network Card Drivers
  • Installing and Configuring Network Card Drivers
  • Bindings
  • 802 Standards
  • Ethernet
  • Token Ring
  • Other Technologies
  • Protocols
  • TCP/IP
  • NetBEUI
  • Characteristics of Network Protocols
  • Choosing a Protocols
  • Adding and Removing Protocols
  • Protocol Configuration Problems
  • Repeaters and Hubs
  • Bridges
  • Routers and Bridge Routers
  • Network Addresses
  • Routing Tables
  • The Development of TCP/IP
  • The TCP/IP Protocol
  • TCP/IP as an Open Standard
  • IP Addresses
  • Configuring and Testing IP Addresses
  • Viewing the ARP Cache
  • Network Addresses
  • Creating Subnets
  • IModifying the Subnet Mask
  • Default Gateway
  • Requirements for Remote Connectivity
  • Public Networks
  • Dial Up Lines
  • ISDN
  • Server Operating Systems
  • Comparison of Microsoft Windows NT, Novell Netware, and Unix
  • Workstation Clients
  • Microsoft Windows 9x, Microsoft Windows NT, and Novell Clients
  • Mapping Network Drives
  • User Level Security
  • Share Level Security
  • Adding Users
  • Password Principles
  • Encryption
  • Firewalls
CompTIA Network+ is designed to address contemporary networking technologies and to provide enhanced coverage of numerous topics by including:
  • Critical security ideas for networking experts to collaborate with security practitioners
  • Best practises in cloud computing and common service models
  • Coverage of modern hardware and virtualization technologies
  • Ideas for enabling people to combine their expertise in a way that keeps the network robust.
Certification and Salary
CompTIA provides a variety of certification for CompTIA Network+ to meet your specific learning style and timetable, many of which may be utilised in conjunction with one another while you prepare for the exam. CompTIA Network+ provides excellent value for money, with an average income of £37,245.00 a year.
  • CompTIA A+ certification or expertise dealing with hardware and software are required.
  • IT cable installer, help desk technician, network administrator, and network technician are best candidates for CompTIA Network+
  • The student will be required to submit the Resume.
For students to successfully complete the course, the following resources are required: a suitable third-party online learning programme, such as Zoom, on a laptop or desktop PC You'll also need a camera, headphones, and internet access with a minimum speed of 600 kbps (up/down) and a suggested range of 1.5 Mbps (up/down).
What is the CompTIA Network+ certification?
If you want to work as a network professional, CompTIA Network+ is the certification for you. The CompTIA Network+ certification will teach you how to troubleshoot, setup, and manage systems. There are several chances accessible in this field of IT; data networks are more important to enterprises than ever before. CompTIA Network+ experts are prepared to deal with a wide range of hardware, software, and networks, allowing you to take your skills wherever your IT goals take you.
For CompTIA Network+ certification, what are the prerequisites?
Beginner-level training is provided for the CompTIA N+ certification. This certification is open to anybody with basic computer expertise. However, having between six and twelve months of networking experience in an IT firm would be a bonus.
What is the pattern of the examination for CompTIA Network+?
The pattern of the examination is as follows:
  • The maximum number of questions is 90.
  • Multiple choice and performance-based questions, drag-and-drop exercises (single and multiple response)
  • 90-minute test duration
  • 720 for passing (on a scale of 100-900)
When does my CompTIA Network+ Certification expire?
After passing the certification test, you have three years to maintain your CompTIA Network+ certification. You may simply extend your three-year CompTIA Network+ certification through our continuing education (CE) programme.
What are the job can I do after earning my CompTIA Network+ Certification?
  • Jobs that use Network+
  • Junior Network Administrator
  • Datacenter Support Technician
  • Network Engineer
  • System Administrator
  • NOC Technician
  • Telecommunications Technician
  • Cable Technician
Can I obtain career counselling to help me find work?
We provide Career Counseling services. We not only help you create an excellent CV, but we also teach you how to prepare for a successful interview.