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CompTIA Cloud+
Course Code LSBE/PC/COM/C+
Duration 1 week
Level Professional Certification
Pedagogy Blended | Online
CompTIA's Cloud+ is a vendor-neutral certification that validates technical competency in methodology required to securely implement and maintain cloud technologies. The Cloud+ certification validates the knowledge and best practices required of IT practitioners working in cloud computing environments, who must understand and deliver cloud infrastructure. Jobs that use CompTIA Cloud+ include: Project manager, cloud computing services, cloud engineer, Manager, data centre SAN and Business analyst, cloud computing. Our Cloud+ training course follows the CompTIA objectives, ensuring you receive the training and knowledge needed to succeed.
  • Identifying Cloud Computing Characteristics
  • Identifying Cloud Service Models
  • Identifying Cloud Deployment Models
  • Understanding Cloud Shared Responsibility
  • Business Case for Cloud Computing
  • Service Level Agreements
  • Managing Cloud Costs
  • Cloud Feasibility
  • Solving Business Problems with the Cloud
  • Cloud Migration Strategies
  • Laws, Regulations, and Security Standards
  • Cloud Service Provider Compliance
  • Business Requirements and Cloud Solutions
  • Storage Media
  • Cloud Storage Configuration
  • Databases in the Cloud
  • Content Delivery Networks
  • Cloud Network Components
  • Network Protocols
  • Cloud Load Balancing
  • Virtualisation in the Cloud
  • Cloud Virtual Machine Components
  • High-Performance Computing
  • Service-Oriented Architecture
  • Blockchain
  • Application Containers
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Software Development in the Cloud
  • Software Testing
  • Continuous Integration and Delivery
  • Cloud Resource Deployment
  • Confidentiality
  • Data Integrity and Message Authentication
  • Availability
  • Identity and Access Management
  • Risk Management
  • Assets and Threats
  • Threat Mitigation
  • Security Testing and Auditing
What is CompTIA Cloud+ Certification?
CompTIA Cloud+ is a global certification that validates the skills needed to deploy and automate secure cloud environments that support the high availability of business systems and data. CompTIA Cloud+ is the only performance-based IT certification that views cloud-based infrastructure services in the context of broader IT systems operations regardless of the platform. Migrating to the cloud presents opportunities to deploy, optimize, and protect mission critical applications and data storage. CompTIA Cloud+ validates the technical skills needed to secure these valuable assets.

How long is my CompTIA Cloud+ Certification valid for?
The CompTIA Cloud+ certification is valid for three years after passing the exam. The exam can be retaken, or you can participate in several activities and training programs, to renew your certification with the CompTIA Continuing Education (CE) Program. The CE Program works on a point-based system, and so at least 50 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) need to be collected within three years to renew your CompTIA Cloud+ qualification.

What are the prerequisites?
There are no prerequisites, but we recommend having a good knowledge of computers and Windows-based systems.

Are the CompTIA instructors experienced?
Yes, all of our CompTIA trainers have many years of experience.

What to do after CompTIA?
If you have just taken any of the CompTIA courses then you can now use this knowledge in your responsibilities in your current role or use the qualification to bolster your CV when looking for a new job.

What kind of job I can do?
There are a wide range of roles you can undertake which may require a CompTIA qualification. There are roles for all levels of experience and qualifications. Typical job roles include:
  • Technical support specialist
  • Field service technician
  • IT support technician
  • IT support administrator
  • IT support specialist