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APMG-International Finance for Non Financial Managers™ Training
Duration 1-3 Days
Level Professional Certification
Pedagogy Blended | On Campus | Online
This accredited course contains 20 hours of learning split into 10 sessions which cover an introduction to the basic concepts of finance, teaching you how to read basic financial statements. The course then moves on to teach you how your business decisions impact the financial health of your organisation. Proven subject matter and relevant interactive exercises assist you in understanding the financial concepts needed by all managers.
Introduction to financial statements
  •  Importance of financial measures
  •  Financial accounting and management accounting
  •  The four types of accounts
  •  Three financial statements
  •  Accounting conventions
  • Profit and loss account
  •  The profit and loss account
  •  Elements of the profit and loss account
  •  Costs in the profit and loss account
  •  Your own figures
  • Balance sheet
  •  Definition
  •  Sources and use of figures
  •  Format of the balance sheet
  •  Inter-relationship with the profit and loss account
  •  Examples of formats
  •  Your own figures
  • Cash flow
  •  Profit and cash
  •  Elements of cash flow
  •  Managing cash and loans
  •  Practical applications of cash flow
  •  Your own figures
  • Costing decisions
  •  Introduction
  •  Variable and fixed costs
  •  Cost structure and methods
  •  Break-even
  •  Product costing
  •  Your own figures
  • Introduction to financial analysis
  •  What is the financial analysis
  •  Financial analysis in practice
  • Investment appraisal
  •  Cash flow and relevant costs
  •  Payback
  •  Present value and discounting
  •  Discounted cash flow
  •  Sensitivity analysis
  •  Case study
  • Profit margin
  •  Profit margin ratio
  •  Comparison by industry
  •  Supermarkets
  •  Aircraft manufacturing industry
  •  Profit margin flowcharts
  •  Your own figures
  • Asset turnover
  •  Concept of asset turnover
  •  Asset turnover flowchart
  •  Working capital ratios
  •  Fixed asset turnover
  •  Analysis by industry "supermarket"
  •  Analysis by Industry "aircraft manufacturing"
  •  Your own figures
  • Return on Capital Employed (ROCE)
  •  What is Return on Capital Employed?
  •  Elements of ROCE
  •  Comparison of ROCE
  •  Financial analysis with ROCE
  •  Your own figures
  • This course requires no prior knowledge or experience and is designed for anyone needing to develop their understanding of finance. It is ideal for:
  •  Project managers
  •  IT and service support managers
  •  Sales executives/consultants and new graduates
  •  12 months online access to our accredited APMG-International Finance for Non
  •  Financial Managers course
  •  APMG-International Finance for Non Financial Managers exam: valid for 12 months from purchase date. The exam must be taken online via remote proctor
  •  A full students manual reflecting the course content
  •  Modular assessments
  •  Dynamic financial models – giving you the ability to use perform “what if” analysis on your organisations and figures
  •  Randomised exam simulator
  • Duration: 20 Hours

    Tuition Fees
    £555(Exam) £400(Without Exam)